Introducing Scottie News readers’ dogs

For Alfie, it’s all about a good lounge. This is the nine-month-old Scottie’s favourite position:

Scottish Terrier Alfie likes to lounge

Susan says 11-year-old Gus is the happiest dog in the world;

Gus is the happiest Scottie dog in the world

Gus’ buddy Barkley loves the pool and his tennis ball more than anything! Susan says he’s the biggest Scottie in the world, but didn’t give us his stats. Let’s hope she comments.

Barkley is a big Scottie


Anna Trodglen writes:

I am an artist in Atlanta Georgia.  I have a Facebook comic strip called Biscuits & Bellyrubs and it stars my Scotty mix, Bonny.  I draw Bonny almost every day and she is my best friend …  She’s not in EVERY one, but she’s in most of them.  I sure am happy to have found Scottish Terrier News and so many pictures that look like Bonny!  See you in the funny pages!

Biscuits and Bellyrubs