Is this a scandalous Scottish Terrier?

Laura writes:

This is a feature in the UK’s Daily Telegraph on Scandalous Women in British History that my in-laws sent us.  They thought the dog might be an elderly & somewhat unkempt Scottie and we’ve had a bit of a debate about it.

According to the Telegraph, “In the late 1970s Cynthia Payne, a party planner, hit the headlines when police raided her London home and found a sex party in progress, at which the patrons had paid for services in luncheon vouchers. She spent four months in Holloway prison, and later published an aptly-named book called Entertaining at Home.”

Potentially Scandalous Scottie

I’m voting Scottie. The ears are down because a proper Scot knows this is not the way to behave when you’re caught in a sex scandal.

Laura also sent along a video of one of her parties. There’s no sex, but lots of very well groomed Scotties on the prowl.

3 thoughts on “Is this a scandalous Scottish Terrier?

  1. On first glance I agree with you, it’s a Scottie, especially the ears back. When I look at the distance from the eyes to the nose, I change my mind. Scottie snouts, in my opinion, are a little longer. Good debate material for sure !!!!

  2. That would explain the short snout Ann.

    Another thing came to mind. Both my Scotts go nuts when someone approaches any vehicle we are in, they turn into “guard dogs” , ears up, tails up, big Scottie bark. While both girls have great temperments, they both exhibit this same behavior in the car. This dog seems so docile, it makes me wonder.

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