Scottish Terrier at the computer

Scottish Terrier site support group

Dear readers,

I’ve noticed a recent drop in Google-referred traffic here at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. It may be due to the search engine’s Penguin algorithm tweak or it may be something else entirely.

Scottish Terrier at the computer
If you link to Scottie News, Scottie News will link to you

Whatever it is, it’s inspired me to update my links to other Scottish Terrier sites and organizations and ask you to update your links to the Scottie News. So, if you have a Scottie site and would like it to be mentioned here, just add a comment or drop me a line at

Let’s all give each other a little extra Google juice.

Yours truly,

The Scottie News

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier site support group

  1. I am glad to have these news bits about scotties….I am a big fan of this place so please keep it going…….also…I am on ebay at reneesuki and will give discounts to anyone on this list if you let me know what you would like…have lots of scottie old time books……keep up the good work and thanks…renee at ^.^

  2. Hi Renee,
    I am looking for tartan plaid collars for my two Scottie brother and sister, Katie Scarlett and Broddy Mactavish. And for our Cairn Terrier that was adopted, Duffy James. We still have Andrew John our Westie who will be 13 in March. Need three collars of the same color and one different color plaid because we have to tell Katie from Broddy.
    BTW, I still have your beautiful artwork note cards that you did. I saved some for myself as keepsake. Great work.

    Nancy Ann in PA (greatscots)

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