Scottish Terrier was inspiration for original doggie bag

The chef’s blog reports on the origins of the doggie bag:

Saving face was the doggie bag’s original raison d’ etre in the years following World War II. Toni Stampler Gerard, whose father ran Henry Stampler’s Filet Mignon on Central Park West in New York City, and whose uncle, Dan Stampler, owned the Steak Joint in Greenwich Village, believes that uncle Dan invented the doggie bag in 1948, before Meister wrote her poem.
“Back then people with alot of money wouldn’t think of picking up a bone from their plate, so they told Dan they would like to take it home ‘for the dog.’ Dan had a Scottish terrier. He designed a bag with a picture of his Scottie on it, and he called it a doggie bag so that customers could carry off leftovers without embarrassment.

Scottie News has tried and failed to find an example of the Steak Joint doggie bag. Maybe one of our readers knows if there are still some of them out there. In the mean time, here are some 21st century doggie bags.