The week’s top dog stories

What to do when you see a dog in a hot car

Most of us are all too familiar with the feeling of dread that comes upon us when we pass by the window of a car and realize that a dog has been left inside on a hot day.  What should I do?  Do I break the window?  Do I call the police?  Do I try to find the car owner? There’s no easy answer, unfortunately, and those decisions are ones that only you can make, but now you can be better prepared for your next encounter. Read more

North American dogs get ready for fireworks

Canadian Canines  will be affected tonight, while south of the border, things will light up on Wednesday July 4. Different dogs react differently. At the last local fireworks, a regular at our dog park got spooked and bolted, and was hit by a car. He’s now wearing a cast and recovering. Get firework coping tips

“I don’t like dogs. There, I said it.”

What can we say? It’s a slow news week. The dog days, I think they call it.  Read more