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World’s smartest dog gets book contract

Chaser the dog gets book contractJohn Pilley, who with Alliston Reid trained Chaser, a Border Collie with the largest tested memory of any dog, has reportedly signed a six-figure deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to publish The World’s Smartest Dog, the story of the pup’s extraordinary talents, in fall 2013. Read more and catch some video of Chaser on YouTube.

From death row to star of Broadway

The award-winning animal trainer William Berloni on Thursday unveiled the pooch who is slated to star in the Broadway revival of the Tony Award-winning musical “Annie” — Sunny, a 2-year-old female terrier mix rescued from a city pound in Houston. Read more

No dog for Michael Vicks’ kids, says ASPCA

After Vick went on CNN and told Piers Morgan he hopes to get a new puppy for his kids, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals immediately spoke out against the NFL star who spent 19 months in prison for illegal dogfighting.

“Vick’s journey toward rehabilitation and redemption has not reflected any direct concern for the wellbeing of animals, and we’ve never heard him express a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed” … the org. tells TMZ. Read more

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  1. I’m not altogether happy to hear he’s a father, either..! Why do they want a puppy anyway? Dogs are just accessories or moneymakers to too many people anyway. He can explain to them why they can’t have one. Right decision, he’s still only sorry he got caught! I wish he wouldn’t be given the oxygen of publicity ever again.

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