Bravehart the Scottish Terrier

Two rescue Scottish Terriers are available in U.S.

The first Scottie is inWyoming. The post was on Craig’s List which will likely get taken down soon as they don’t allow pet sales or even giveaways. Scottie News has reproduced it:

i have a dog that was given to me and i need to find him a home he is a pure breed Scottie terrier. he is around 6 years old current on shots chipped ect gets along with other dogs and cats . this boy just needs a home . i can not keep him i all ready have 3 dogs . so if you want a sweet furry baby please call 307-358-1121 thank you

The second Scottie, Braveheart, is in New Jersey with the Helping Animals Rescue Team. Here’s his story:

Bravehart the Scottish Terrier
Looks like a good grooming job to the Scottie News

My name is BraveHart and i was brought to a kill shelter by my own family. They didnt want me anymore. So a rescue who was at the shelter took me to get my shots up to date and test me for heartworms. Im negative by the way! I am really good in the car and i like to have my head out the window with the wind blowing in my hair. My hair was all knotted up so when i got groomed they had to shave off my Scottie cut except for my beard. But i feel much better now. My family did not brush me at all. I was very good for the groomer, even when she cleaned the goo off my face and found i had a little sore that was irritating me. I dont really like getting my legs shaved or my nails done. But i tolerate it. Im bossy with big dogs, so i curl my lip at them. But smaller dogs i sniff and hop around. I was really good for the vet and didnt bite. In fact with all the prodding and poking, shaving, bathing and examining i was so very good. I like people very much.

I was not abandoned for behavior problems. I guess my family just didnt want to feed and groom me anymore. They said i was three years old. The vet said i look closer to 5 but i could have just had a rough first three years.

I would like a home that wont abandon me.

14 thoughts on “Two rescue Scottish Terriers are available in U.S.

  1. Hope these fellas find good forever homes soon!
    Doggies are never meant to be gifted as presents for children or even adults.
    It is heartbreaking to hear these stories when th ‘present’ eventually outgrows its ‘usefulness’!

  2. I would love to have a Scotty. My sister had one and she was a joy. She loved to play and she always seemed to know you just needed a friend.

  3. It just breaks my heart to see things like this. We lost our friend Skip to prostate cancer in August – I am still not over it. Now, we are waiting on a litter of pups from a breeder, due today! Initially we’d thought that we’d get a rescue, just like Skip was, more or less (a work friend was fostering him, and we took him in). we had a run of 8 good years, and then God decided he needed Skip back. We contacted two Scotty rescues but neither of them could be bothered to follow up – One of them did a pretty good job of contacting us, but the individual who was supposed to make a home inspection never contacted us. I just hope that they take better care of the dogs than they return a phone call! The other didn’t even respond to our application. I guess in a way I can’t blame them – they probably fall in love with the doggies, and don’t want risk letting them fall into uncaring or incompetent hands ever again. It still hurts me that I couldn’t carry out what I think would be my favorite dog in all the world’s dying wish. Sorry if that sounds a little bitter, but I really do feel that way.

  4. Hi, it seems these comments about the dogs have not been updated. We are in May, 2015. the dates on these comments are from 3-4 years ago. Please replay. Thank you, Carmen, NC.

  5. Hi,
    Someone took my scottish terrier on 04/15/15 while I was at work. He was with a dogsitter in Kinsey, MT. He is now 3 y/o, a black, male scottish terrier w/microchip. He had a black/colorful bones collar w/tags. I don’t know where these people took him. If he should show up at a shelter my only hope would be that he would be scanned for a microchip and I would receive a call for him. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Our Beloved Scottie recently passed away, Very Much want another Scottie. Will have a loving home .

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