Brushing your dog’s teeth

A reader sent a link to this tooth-brushing video they’d made.

Quite frankly, words (almost) fail the Scottie News.

Shall we start a pool on whether the brusher is a human dentist?

I’m going with yes — or, at the very least, related to a dentist.

10 thoughts on “Brushing your dog’s teeth

  1. WOW! I try to brush my scotties teeth every now and then, but it certainly does not look anything like this!!

  2. Oh my, and I thought I was a devoted Scottie owner ! Be sure to stick with this video until the flossing begins ! That is a patient Scottie, and an awesome Scottie daddy.

  3. Now I feel guilty!
    We started with brushing but now it’s dental chews every 2 days. But his teeth are still accumulating the plaque! Anyone has suggestions? 🙂

  4. Bonny lets me brush her teeth every night but I think she will draw the line at flossing. She’s really seduced by the flavor of the toothpaste! But look how white Mac’s teeth are! We gasped audibly!

  5. Wow … my Kirk wouldn’t even sit on the high table, let alone wait nicely and allow you to fuss. Brushing teeth is a full blown drama in our house, I try to make up for not doing it every day by getting her dental chews. And… he’s so well behaved with that tooth brush… Kirk eats them!

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