From the archives: Does your dog need a Thundershirt?

Stuart the Scottish Terrier in his thundershirt

Editor’s note: Now that it’s spring and thunder storm season is approaching, we thought we’d rerun this piece on the success of thundershirts in treating scaredy dogs.

Handsome and distinguished Stuart of the excellent Scottie Chronicles wants to be the next model for Thundershirt and his guardian Nan is getting out the vote for him. Here’s his story:

My eyelids are getting heavy…very heavy. As you can see, I’m pretty calm, cool and collected. The three C’s: that’s me in my Thundershirt.

I’m pretty dapper, too. My friends all say I look pretty cool when I’m wearing it. Though I look and act like an old man, I’m only six and the most laid back Scottish Terrier you’ll ever find. That is until some big ‘ole NOISE or THUNDER or FIREWORKS SHOW makes me crazy. And it’s getting worse as I get older.

So, the peeps thought they should check out the Thundershirt technology and lo and behold, it’s working. Yep. I’m a toilet hugger during a storm, but when I have this thing on, it’s a lot better.

Cool. Now I can hang out on the front stoop with my peeps during a storm and watch the world go by. That’s what I do best.

I really think a Scottie should be your new star. Really. The big dogs seem to get all the glory. And the itty bitty dogs get all the, “oh…aren’t they cuuuuute!” stuff. That’s fine. But, folks, let’s share the love.

Vote for me. Stuart. The most laid back Scottie you’ll ever see. Thanks! (See, I’m polite, too.) Oh..and yes, that’s white on my chest. I’ve got some white on my belly and back, too. Unusual. That’s me! Unusual Scottie. (All the more reason I should be your “star”!

The thundershirt is based in part on the work of Temple Grandin, noted author, Doctor of Animal Science, and professor at Colorado State University. The thought is that gentle pressure provided by this shirt calms the nervous system.Here’s some more background on how Thundershirts work and a link to buy them on Amazon.

The Scottie News‘ Bridget pays zero attention to thunderstorms. How about your dogs?

Update: Stuart did not win, demonstrating once again that life is not fair.

15 thoughts on “From the archives: Does your dog need a Thundershirt?

  1. Awww, Stuart looks so handsome – and very chill!

    Fortunately, Ceilidh and Bella don’t pay any attention to thunder or fireworks.

  2. Malcolm’s not bothered by thunderstorms or fireworks, however, the sound of garbage trucks rumbling and squealing down our street seems to terrify him. On Monday mornings (trash day) he’s a nervous wreck.


  3. Bonnie is terrified of storms, fireworks, garbage trucks, motorcycles and I have often thought about a Thundershirt for her.

    Paisley will give one bark to an odd sound and that is it.

    Glinda (a wheaten) likes to be outside during storms because that is where the action is. She lives on the edge for many experiences.

  4. Unfortunately..(Stuart)…we are so Hyper to everything loud or noisey…that we are NOT effected by Mommy putting a Thunder Shirt on us! Mommy wishes it would have worked…but it didn’t! Tessie our Scottie would like to know…Stuart …Are you married becaues My Westie sister Talloulah thinks you’re Da Bomb!

  5. My Girls are not affected by thunder or lightning. Fireworks and sparking transformers are another thing however.

  6. OH….I have a girlfriend, but, I’m not attached….well, I go visit her every morning, does that count? Does that make me a “dog”? Whatever that means.

    I wish I weren’t troubled by thunder and fireworks, but, they MAKE ME CRAZY!


  7. Stirling is a tough girl. She’s 16 months old and not afraid of a thing! However, her “big” brother Oliver is terrified of street drains and won’t step a paw near one. When we walk to the dumpster together he nearly breaks his neck trying to get away. I love my “kids” and the thundershirts look great, and Stuart should certainly be the next model.

  8. I’m so glad to hear so many of you don’t care about noise. Me? It makes me crazy.

    Thanks for voting! And thanks Scottish Terrier and Dog News for helping me in my quest to show the world how wonderful Scotties are. Wait…y’all already know that!

    aroOOOOO, Stu

  9. Piper had no problems with thunder or fireworks during her first year. Then some anal orifice threw a bunch of firecrackers at her on New Years Eve when she was just over a year old, since then she is a nervous wreck when there is a storm or fireworks.
    Trucks, buses etc don’t bother her at all, she does have a hate-on for mopeds though.

  10. Just voted for the most distinguished Stuart!
    Best of luck to him!

    As for Fiona and Duhgall, they only bark at the thunder – but not all of the time.
    They aren’t afraid of much, even fireworks. If anything, they a brave souls who
    believe their job is to protect us, which they do quite well. Fiona alerts us when someone walks up our front walk. I don’t know how she knows they are there, but she does. And one night it was to a stranger who was coming up our walk at 3 AM.


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