More on brushing (and flossing) dog teeth

The flossing scene starts at about 3:30Yesterday’s video about Mac the Scottie dog getting his teeth brushed attracted a lot of well deserved attention. If you haven’t watched it yet, do as agraciesma said, “Be sure to stick with this video until the flossing begins!”

Mac’s personal tooth brusher Russ also wrote in with some more info:

We started the teeth brushing with just a ” finger-rub ” with the Petrodex poulty flavored toothpaste. From there we progressed to having him lick some of the toothpaste off of the brush and continued to do a little more each time. He knows the routine. I warm the brush in a cup of water for 10 seconds in the microwave and he follows me to our spot. The only area that he is not crazy about having brushed is the inside of the upper teeth on his right side. My guess is that it tickles! I was actually off a little when I said that he gets his teeth brushed every night. We missed the evenings of January 27 and 28 as I was having surgery and spent two nights in the hospital. Otherwise we have been consistent almost from the time he found us at five months of age.

Next time, I’ll relate the story about the time he ate the tube!

RgN– Pennsylvania

P.S. Thanks for all the nice compliments, but the credit goes to him!

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