Queen’s corgis attack a royal terrier

No, not a Scottie. One of Princess Bea’s Norfolks.

Needless to say, the royal dog fight has provoked a lot of commentary, including this:

And I have experience of an aggressive little dog attacking a harmless big one. On holiday, aged 12, my tremendously good-natured boxer dog, Lusty, was viciously attacked by a Scottie. For no reason that I could see. And they were out in a large stable yard. There wasn’t even the excuse of a corridor.

One thought on “Queen’s corgis attack a royal terrier

  1. The Queen’s Bull Terriers, Corgis and Dachshunds have a reputation for wildness. A few years ago one of her Terriers actually killed one of her Corgis. Send in a good trainer and a truckload of crates!

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