Scottie News readers’ dogs rock

Linda sent this photo of her cute-tastic 8 week old Scottish Terrier Molly.  “She is such a doll and we love her to death,” she wrote.

MollyR Scottie puppy

Taylor of Tea with Mrs. Kee writes: “I love it when Scottish Terrier News does the posts with pictures of readers’ scotties, so I thought I’d send in a picture of our scottie, Wallace, wearing his bow tie like a dapper gentleman! Maybe he’ll be on Scottish Terrier News someday!”

Yes, indeed, here he is at 16-weeks-old:


And Robyn writes:

Greetings from South Africa!

I recently found your website and have subscribed to your newsletter.  Attached please find pictures of our beautiful boys Wallace (wheaten) and Samuel (brindle), they are the absolute light of our lives!

Wallace - favourite way to sleep
Wallace in his favourite sleeping position
Samuel the Scottie
Dignified Samuel

11 thoughts on “Scottie News readers’ dogs rock

  1. Two Wallaces in one post! It’s such a good Scottish name!! All of these boys are so handsome and Molly is adorable!!

  2. WHAT little sweethearts these are. We’ve all had (or most of us have!!) had our little babies. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how very sweet they were (when today they’re mirauding around the back yard barking at who knows what at 2 a.m.!!! — my fault I know – I always fall for that – I have to go outside Mom little bark!!) … but then you look into those wonderful eyes and your heart is once again lost – even as you’re traipsing around with your flashflight through the bushes, trying to find them (and I won’t even mention the SKUNK!!). Anyway… Enjoy!!!

  3. oh yes, there is something so wonderful to be able to see pictures of other
    scotties. we love it and these beauties are spectacular.

    arroos and scottie licks and love,

    becky, duhgall and fiona

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