Sorry, Scottie News got off to a slow start this week

Art and insights from uber-talented Waveney Nutson:

Scottie in bed
But there’s major action coming your way!!


Scottie Rules

  1. The Scottie is not allowed in the house
  2. Okay, the Scottie is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms.
  3. The Scottie is allowed in all rooms, but has to stay off the furniture.
  4. The Scottie can get on the OLD furniture only.
  5. Fine, the Scottie is allowed on all the furniture,but is not allowed to sleep with humans on the bed.
  6. All right, the Scottie is allowed on the bed, but ONLY by invitation.
  7. The Scottie can sleep on the bed whenever he wants, but NOT under the covers.
  8. The Scottie can sleep under the covers by invitation ONLY.
  9. The Scottie can sleep under the covers every night.
  10. Humans must ask permission to sleep under the covers with the Scottie.


8 thoughts on “Sorry, Scottie News got off to a slow start this week

  1. 😀 LOL the Rules! Well we have always stayed in the 4 – 6 range; 4 didn’t last long. Our girls have their own “bedroom” but one of us lets them out “first thing” and then the are allowed up on the bed until whichever one of us having a lie-in gets up. Bella likes to take over pillows, though.

  2. I have six, also, but only two are Scotties. I also have a Westie, a Papillon and two Pomies! And yes, they do rule the household, just as it should be.

  3. Our Rasmus went directly to number 9 and then he has stayed there.That’s because he is so friendly, and always want to be close to us!

  4. Whew… we have managed to hold Piper to Nr.5 sofar. I wouldn’t mind her coming up on the foot of the bed, but She Who Must Be Obeyed has vetoed that.

  5. oh yes……we went straight to number 9, too. our dogs take up 3/4 of the bed because, of course, they have to lay sideways..and often times on their back (mostly fiona) which means that i often times wake up to having a back paw in my face. but i would NOT change anything for the world. duhgall and fiona bring us immense JOY and they realllllly aren’t dogs…they are people inside a furry body with 4-inch legs.


    ps: i love wave’s drawings! i have several in my collection and am blessed to have doug and wave as friends. 🙂

  6. Too, too, true. My Gretchen rules the house!! My six year old Scottie just discovered sleeping under the covers with Mom is quite toasty!! One night she just scooted herself under there all the way and stayed. Now everynight she tries to “scoot” her way under there. Her “Dad” isnt too fond of the idea. Do you really think she cares??? LOL Love my independent girl!!!

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