Tributes: RIP, Tallulah, “dog of my heart”

tally looking upTeresa writes:

Tally Irish crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week and my life will never be the same. She was the little dog of my heart in a way no other dog has been. She needed me and loved me the most–and it was mutual.

Diagnosed with Demodex at 11 months, she rarely had a healthy day afterwards but managed to live LARGE for 11.5 years. Her skin was always problematic, she had Cushing’s disease, a huge heart murmur, and, ultimately, congestive heart failure took her life. Through her many health crises, she never gave up, never stopped playing, never stopped being interested in her sisters Ruby and Taffy, never stopped wanting to be with us–until the last days when the look in her eyes clearly said “Mom, help me breathe, help me.” So I did.

She was lovely and clingy and yappy at times and oh-so-smart. As far as I know, she was the world’s first and only herding Scotty. When her older sister Taffy lost her hearing, Tally taught herself (in a matter of days) to go out to the far corner of the yard and get Taffy’s attention, then nip at her heels to get her into the house. Soon, a command of “Tally, go get your sissy” would send her flying to do her job.

She also was the woobie monster of our household. ALL woobies which entered (a) belonged to her, and (b) were de-squeaked and gutted within minutes. She slept on piles of silent, flat woobies as if to say “I conquered you and now you exist solely for my comfort.”

Her littermate Ruby is as lost as we are. I’m not sure they ever spent a night apart until July 18. At 11.5 years of age, we must watch her carefully so that she does not slip away from a broken heart. Our almost-15-year-old Taffy seems less shaken, probably because she sleeps most of the time now.

RIP Tallulah. I know you’re perfect now and I can’t wait to see your beautiful wheaten coat shining in the sun someday.

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  1. OMG! What a beautiful Scottie she was! I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my 17 year old Scottie Adelaide to cushing disease. It’s not easy. At that time I was paying $180 a month for her meds. People thought I was insane. I have a daughter but my Scottie was and will always be special to our faminly. We loved her so. Too smart for her own good. Competed in obedience and was on a flyball team. Please remember we will all see our Scotties in heaven.
    Again, my sincerest condolenses

  2. To the lady who was spending the $180 monthly for meds. You weren’t crazy. The little Scottie would have done the same for you if she could!

  3. I’m so sorry, god bless you all. Gosh 11 years and the little lass was ill as a pup… you gave her those years through loveing and careing for her.

  4. Alles Gute für Dich Du schöner Schottenterrier!
    Grüße mir meine Schätze auf der anderen Seite des Regenbogens.
    Eine Umarmung an Dein Frauchen.

  5. I understand how empty your heart feels! I too lost my Scottie, the love of my life, to congestive heart failure. God Bless you. You did the right thing for her even though it is so difficult.

  6. I am so sorry for your heartbreak! I experienced that same when my baby boy DueKey a scottie/basset mix was suddenly taken from us accidentally. He was like my son for 11 yrs. Because of the mix he was he had many bone defects but he was full of life and more so full of love!!! He was our rescue baby our pride and joy! He is at Rainbow Bridge with you baby playing and doing everything they could not do 100% here and they are waiting for us. 🙂 I’m sure of that! I will keep you in prayer and please pray for me because the pain is sometimes so unbearable…Peace and healing to you and your family

  7. Your Tally will always be with you. She is the most beautiful blond gal I’ve ever seen. I know you are heart broken as are her scotty pals. In my 30 yrs of being a scotty mom I have had 3 leave me w/ cushings…. one w/ cancer. The love you shared w/ her will go on forever. (((hugs)) to you .

  8. What a beautiful tribute to an absolutely GORGEOUS girl. There is something just so special and wonderful about this breed, isn’t there? I love how Tally took care of her older sister Taffy. I had mother and daughter Scotties (see RIP below for Lulu) – and things have been hard in the last 2 months with Flora – as she has never been on her own in the last five years. She is doing so much better just in the last week or so. She is playing with her “woobies” again – I love that term! (yes we have multitudes of gutted woobies here too! lol) so I am hoping Ruby will get used to life without her littermate. Keep giving her lots of attention and love, she will get there.
    Much love and hugs to you. What joy these dogs give to us!
    Rest in peace Tally <3

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