West Highland Terrier Wednesday one day late

Westie WednesdayOh dear, before the Olympics  modern pentathlon World Champion Mhairi Spence revealed her secret inspiration as she bid  for a  gold medal.

The 26-year-old athlete’s parents had promised to reward her with a West Highland terrier called Donald.

But then she finished 21st.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News says she needs her Westie more than ever now. But her mother Evelyn might not agree. Here’s what she told the Daily Record before her daughter’s big event:

 “She’s a very proud Scot and she says it has to a Westie born in the Highlands.

“Mhairi grew up surrounded by animals and I know she’s really missed having a dog as she now lives in a small flat and is often away abroad competing or training.

“She has even picked out a name for it – Donald. After she won the World Championships in May she asked if she could have it then, but I refused. A deal is a deal and it’s another little thing to spur her on.”

Gee wonder what Mom would say about Westie Wednesday being one day late. Scottie News has the feeling she wouldn’t like it.

4 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday one day late

  1. Don’t you worry, Mhairi, if you want a Westie, I’LL get you one! But remember, you can always RESCUE one, too.

    Poor girl. She should get a darned 4-legged friend if she wants one. Take him with her on her trips abroad!!! (I wouldn’t leave it at home with Mum!)


  2. Sorry, but 26 years old, living on her own, and her Mum and Dad need to get her a dog? Methinks she should be making her own decisions….

  3. Totally agree queenmum! I mean really are you five years old and Mommy and Daddy are gonna get you a puppy for being good? She needs to grow up and get her own dog. “Please Mummy, I won my competition, can I have a doggie now?” Gag me.

  4. Perhaps she is going to have to rely on mum and dad to babysit for Donald when she competes and is not able to take him everytime. So if that is the case I think mum is trying to call the shots by hanging this over the poor girl’s head. After reading how mum acts, I wouldn’t want her babysitting. She should be proud enough that her daughter is such an excellent athlete.

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