Westie Wednesday is one day late but worth waiting for

Thanks to Mark for who spotted this story on Life With Dogs:

When Snowy the West Highland terrier became ill and stopped eating, her worried owners took her to the vet.

But a new diet, medical tests and even antibiotics failed to perk up the little dog.
It was only when the one-year-old had an X-ray that it became obvious she had fallen victim to a dog’s traditional enemy – cats.

Snowy had swallowed five plastic toy cats. The biggest was two inches tall and an inch wide and showed up clearly, and rather spookily, on the X-ray.

You can see the amazing X-ray and the enemy cats at Life With Dogs

One thought on “Westie Wednesday is one day late but worth waiting for

  1. OK … that managed to be scary and adorable at the same time..! I didn’t click through to the article before thinking been there done that re. swallowed toys …but that’s something!! Not clear how long they had been in there unless I missed it, but with ours a piece of toy was inside for about 3 months before serious problems started. Somehow it was missed on an x-ray…

    How the heck did she swallow that biggest one whole?? Glad this had a happy ending anyway!

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