Dear Scottie News subscribers,

After mulling it over for a long time, I have decided to stop publishing the premium version of the Scottie News. There are a lot of reasons that I won’t bore you with, but mostly it’s because it’s time for me to do other things.

I still plan to publish occasional Scottie News updates, which will be free. And maybe I’ll return to more regular publishing at some point in the future. But as of now, nothing is planned, which feels really good.

I’ll be issuing full refunds over the next week. Should you not receive yours or have any other problems, contact me at

And if by any chance, you want to buy the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, we can talk about that too.

It’s been a pleasure bringing you the Scottie News and getting to know you all, the best part of the job really.

Here’s to you and your Scotties.


Publisher and Editor

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21 thoughts on “Dear Scottie News subscribers,

  1. I’m so sorry to see you go but I understand going to more things. As for my refund you can keep it for all the great Information you have given and shared and all the great articles that will be missed.
    Teresa, Sammy, Mac, Dolly and Tootles

  2. Ann,
    I wish you well. Have thoroughly enjoyed the Scottie News and will miss it. I am glad you will tease us when you can. No money back for me please, you grandfathered me in anyway!
    Gotta love a Scottie!!!
    Sue and Finn McCool

  3. Ann, since I lost my Scottie, Spencer, I have gotten my “Scottie” high from the Scottie News. You have given me many smiles, joys and tears for others. I have no doubt you will successful in whatever you do. Thanks so much for what you gave all of us……..

  4. I’m more than happy with arrangements as they used to be, you NOT under pressure to produce and just being able to give us the occasional posts. Of course people can still offer donations to keep this wonderful site going and help towards web costs.
    Tegan Liverpool

  5. Ann, Bonny and I have enjoyed reading the Scottie News together. We wish you well and look forward to the occasional update. Good luck on future projects!

  6. Thanks so much for all of the fun and interesting Scottie news over the past year!
    Wishing you all the best-
    Ann and Aoife (my queen of Scots!)

  7. Hey there!!!

    We’ve enjoyed yer website for a very long time now. Our scotties, Bucca, Brodie and now Scotty MacBones have been and are a great source of joy for us. And so has your wonderful web publication. Please don’t sweat the rebate. The happiness we’ve received from your site over the years is more than compensation for the fee.

    Tim N Gina n Scott Robert Bruce MacBones…

  8. Ann,
    This is very sad news, indeed. Please keep my donation…the years of enjoyment have been well worth the $ spent. I wish that I knew more about web publishing…

  9. I have thoroughly enjoyed the STN. I learned so much about the breed from you and your readers. I wish you well Ann. Thank you for caring about the breed.

  10. Ann,
    All the Scotties here in Dallas; Hermione, Phoebe, Connnor, Angela, Wyatt, Pink, Fiona and of course Uncle Sherman (the Airedale) will miss the Scottie News. We hope to see you soon and please keep our subscription for any further endeavors. We wish you and your lovely Scottie all the best.

  11. We know it’s a HUGE job, we’ll miss you on a regular basis, but hope to catch up on the occasional post. You’ve done a wonderful job.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Thank you Ann for the many years of Scottie news, information, tips, ideas, suggestions, etc. I have enjoyed every single minute of your blog. I wish you well in the future and look forward to hearing from you and Bridget every so often! Hugs from me, Ozzie, and Angus in Pittsburgh, PA.

  13. OH NO! I just found you and now I am losing you….but I understand that life goes on for people. I look forward to what you may publish later on…..Always Rockin Robbie and his mom Molly 🙂

  14. Oh man – I just found this site. But I certainly understand the need to step back. I will look forward to the occasional posting. My Duffy and Andy are my life joys!

  15. Ann – Harry, Lola and Bernie will miss your great updates and stories. We fully understand your efforts but need to get some of your time back. We look forward to reading any STNs you send out and we wish you the very best in all you do. Happy Holidays.

  16. I was going to say thank you (very belatedly) to everyone individually but then I thought a group hug would be better so thank you very belatedly everyone.


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