Wheaten and Black Scottish Terriers with Christmas Bows

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Wheaten and Black Scottish Terriers with Christmas Bows

Happy Holidays from Danie’s Mac and Lovey!

It’s December so I can now officially use the C-word.

I’ve reposted an old article on Scottish Terrier Christmas cards as the topic is perennially popular at this time of year.

Put on some Xmas music and check it out along with these Scottie Christmas sweaters for humans.

Coming soon, we’ll do sweaters for your dogs. Arooo.


3 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas spirit

  1. We just stopped by to see if you’d done any posting. So we’re very happy to read all about scotties and stuff. We have andis clippers…not that we like to be clipped.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

  2. Lovey (my sweet wheaton Scottie) and Mac (my newly adopted rescued Scottie) are celebrating the Holidays by wishing everyone a wonderful fun season! Mac just came to us from New England Scottie Rescue and we couldn’t be happier with him. He is loving, playful and utterly devoted to Miss Lovey! She finally has a partner in crime, someone to play tug of war and steal each others rawhide bones and chase around our house! Mac was clearly neglected, rail thin and recovering from a very bad case of flea allergies (that needed medication every 12 hours) resulting in a sad coat of barely there hair. Giving him love was easy – he is a cupcake! Feeding him was easier – he is slowly getting back to his weight. Fish oil is helping with the itching and making him easier to heal his coat. Please find a way to help the local animal rescue groups where you live. Whether it is with money, time and energy, or a loving home- it is the best thing that you could do for everyone. You never know what will happen to you when you open your heart. We are so lucky that Mac found his way to us – you can see it in his smile and Loveys! Merry Christmas everyone!

  3. We at Scottish Terrier Club of New England Rescue are very happy for Danie and especially Mac and his new buddy Miss Lovey. I had the pleasure of meeting Danie and this is why I have gotten involved with Rescue. Mac,is a wonderful Scottie whose personality attracts your love immediately! He came from in a tough times, but all that is behind him now. What a great Xmas present!

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