Most Scottie-packed Xmas video ever

Thanks to Bee for sending this along. It’s from the Carolina Scottie society and there are more Scottish Terriers and Scottie tchotchkes in one place than the Scottie News has ever seen before.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

7 thoughts on “Most Scottie-packed Xmas video ever

  1. Just a little “Mommy bragging” here… My little Mary is featured in both the Brown Trout and Willow Creek 2013 Scottish Terrier calendars. She’s “Miss April” in the Willow Creek calendar and “Miss July” in the Brown Trout calendar. Her Mom, Cheddar is “Miss December” in the December Willow Creek. Our breeder is Sandra Anderson of Chess Kennels in Brockville and we’re both VERY proud of Mary’s stardom!! Merry Christmas to all.

  2. This message is for “Harry”
    I have never seen a house so beautifully Scottie decorated like yours and you sure do have the Christmas Spirit!
    Thank You for sharing this Great Video. I have a Black Scottie and a Westie who are inseparable…they were raised together.
    Love all your Pictures and Videos!
    Happy New Year
    Where can I get one of those Jack in the Box (Black and White Scotch) Toys…or did you make that?…It is delightful!
    Love and Happy New Year and Best of Luck to you and your Lovely Family

  3. Just love all the scotties my husband and I have had scotties for the last 28yrs.
    The are wonderful companions. We raised a scottie and a Wire haired Fox Terrier together. We just lost the Fox Terrier. Mcgregor was so depressed that we just
    got him a new companion in Jack also a Fox terrier. We love all your pictures and your home. Are all the scotties yours or do you do recues.


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