Reviews: Andis clippers for smaller dogs

Before buying Andis dog clippers, read these reviews

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If you’re trying to decide which model  Andis dog clippers you need, the Scottie News can help. I put together these clipper reviews because when I searched for dog clipper info on the web all I found was sketchy, spammy stuff. I know how frustrating that can be and I wanted to help other dog lovers avoid the big time-suck and, instead, quickly and efficiently find the dog clippers that work best for their breed.

Andis Dog Clippers Reviews

Andis: Why professional and home dog groomers love Andis

I was advised to buy Andis Clippers after a friend and fellow dog lover made the mistake of buying a cheap pair and driving both herself and her dog crazy. Once she invested in the right equipment it was smooth sailing and she made it her mission to tell everyone else including me. The right clippers, she said, will change your life — just good set of kitchen knives.

My friend does a major grooming four to eight times a year and her 12-year-old clippers are still going strong. After just two groomings, she had already saved enough money to cover the cost of the clippers. (It cost her $60 a session to get her dog groomed.)

While it did take her a while to learn some of the tricks of the trade — and she admits her dog had a few bad hair days at first — that can, as most of us know, happen with professional groomers too. And I’ve even had professional groomers cut my dog, something my friend says she has never done.

If you decide to start grooming your dog at home, good clippers will help you work safer and faster so consider it an investment. Andis has served many pro and home groomers well. They’ve earned their reputation for customer service and high-quality products.


Andis 22340 AGC 2-Speed Detachable-Blade Small-Animal Clipper

Andis AGC 2-Speed Clipper Review:


  • Break-resistant housing
  • Shhh! A quieter clipper for skittish dogs
  • 2,700 strokes per minute (spm) and 3,400 spm professional blade speed
  • Blade locking mechanism
  • Almost maintenance free

Bottom Line: The AGC 2 is the clipper you need for smaller dogs including Yorkshire Terriers, West Highland Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Dachshunds, Schnauzers, Corgis,. Don’t underestimate the importance of the quiet(er) feature.

Amazon Price: $137.95 reduced from $179.99 BUY NOW


Andis 63970 PowerGroom Detachable-Blade Small-Animal Clipper

Andis 63970 PowerGroom Clipper Review


  • Power, power and more power. 4,500 strokes per minute (spm). Holy power clippers!
  • Light weight to make grooming easier
  • Comes with size 10 CeramicEdge blade and extra blade drive

Bottom Line: Va-va-va groom. Seriously, if you do a lot of small dog clipping or if your dog has a thick coat, these are the Andis clippers for you.

Amazon Price: $157.38 reduced from $182.99 BUY NOW


Andis 22215 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper

Andis AG 2-Speed Detachable Clipper Review:


  • Shatter-proof housing
  • Compatible with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades
  • 2,700 strokes per minute (spm) and 3,400 spm professional blade speed
  • 3 metre (14 foot) cord and comes with #10 blade
  • Blades are easily detachable
  • Extremely quiet clippers

Bottom line: These are heavy duty dog clippers that will work really well on larger breeds like poodles, giant schnauzers, collies, Australian shepherds, St. Bernards.

Amazon Price: $109.19 reduced from $165.99 BUY NOW

Why buy dog clippers on Amazon?

If you’ve shopped at Amazon, you likely already know they have the best customer service imaginable. For once, the customer is always right.

Their prices are often the lowest and, when they aren’t ask yourself if it’s really worth it to save a dollar or two by going with a seller you don’t know. I can recommend Amazon without hesitation and their dog clipper reviews will help you decided which model of clippers are right for you.

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4 thoughts on “Reviews: Andis clippers for smaller dogs

  1. I was one of those folks that bought an inexpensive pair of clippers to begin with – I used them about a year before I threw them away and graduated to a great pair of Andis clippers. At first, I recommended that everyone get Andis clippers, but then I stepped back and thought about how much I learned about grooming with the cheaper pair of clippers that didn’t go so fast. Now I advise anyone who is just starting out to start with a pair of Wahl cordless – use them for a year or so – and then graduate to to the gold standard of Andis. You’ll know more about how to hold the clippers and your dog – and you’ll know more about how you want your dog to look. Andis goes through clean, wiry Scottie hair just like a knife through hot butter. They are a pleasure to use.

  2. We have been using Andis clippers about 4 years. They are great! Sure, sometimes Noodledog looks a little odd when we are done, but noting as awful as the groomer did to her. The clippers are quiet, its easy to change blades, and Noodle looks like a Scott when we are done.

    Noodledogs Mom

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