Fala at FDR's funeral

Sorry folks, no Fala in new FDR movie: Hyde Park on the Hudson

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has received a few indignant emails about the fact that there is no Fala — aka the most famous dog in the world — in the new FDR movie, out today. And as you can see, according to the Hyde Park on the Hudson trailer below, they are indeed right.

But there’s a reason Fala is missing. The movie takes place in June of 1939 and he wasn’t born until April 1940.

Now, Hollywood being Hollywood, they could have, and probably should have, moved the birth forward a few months and cast a cute Scottish Terrier for effect, but for some reason they didn’t.

This is especially interesting given that Margaret “Daisy” Suckley, who is portrayed the President’s alleged love interest in the movie, is the one who actually gave him Fala as an early Christmas present.

Fala at FDR's funeral

Alleged love interest “Daisy” Suckley with Fala at FDR’s funeral.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bill Murray, who plays FDR, says the president needed Fala:

“Mr. Murray, whose Roosevelt is attended by, and occasionally must elude, a small army of women—including his wife, Eleanor (Olivia Williams), his teetotalling mother (Elizabeth Wilson), and his secretary Marguerite “Missy” LeHand (Elizabeth Marvel)—offered typically Murray-esque perspective on playing the president. “Just working with these actresses—it was a henhouse, it was insane. The mother. The girlfriend. The wife and the secretary and the maids,” he said. “This guy was beleaguered. They were all after him. Thank God he had a dog.” (That dog, Fala, was famously trained by Daisy.)

If you’ve got time, catch up on the Scottie Newsprevious Fala coverage.

2 thoughts on “Sorry folks, no Fala in new FDR movie: Hyde Park on the Hudson

  1. I recently saw this film listed in a “Worst movies of 2012” list. :/ I was looking for a glimpse of Fala in the trailer but if there’s not even any Fala to redeem it…! I’m not sure that it deserves to be panned so badly, and the trailer (despite no Fala) looks good.

  2. I liked the trailer too.
    While Scotties are very trainable, it’s hard enough to direct an actor let alone a wee Scott at the same time. Too bad for us.

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