Dog wear for cold weather: dog coats, dog boots, paw protectors, more

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Bridget of the Scottie News in the snow, originally uploaded by scottishterriernews.

Bridget does not wear either a coat or boots in winter. She doesn’t appear to need a coat and while she is sometimes bothered by salty Canadian streets, the only time she has ever gotten really mad at me is when I tried to put some boots on her at a pet store.

Once was more than enough. I gave up and started using paste, which works well but can be a bit messy. I’ve since switched to  Pawstick, which does the trick for Bridget.

If I did use a coat, I’d opt for one that does up the back like the velcro-back model by Fido Fleece shown on the left. Bridget’s pet sitter uses them on his Westies and says they’re the best both for ease of use and warmth. In cold weather you need something to protect the stomach and with Fido Fleece, you don’t have to sacrifice style to comfort. They have  a number of cute designs.


As for boots, balloon models are very popular in my neck of the woods although it must be said that a lot of people hate them because they come off and then other dogs eat them, which can cause severe problems and big vet bills. The alternative is Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, which pre-date the balloon boots and are highly recommended on Amazon as well as by Canadian dog peeps.

Oh yeah, this is what I wear on my body and feet. My boots were an investment, but they’re as old as Bridget — six and a half — and still going strong. I trade in my down coats every five years or so because I get tired of wearing the same thing day-in, day-out for several months in a row.

Anyway, that’s how we do it here in Canada. Please let me know your tricks for coping with cold weather dog walks. But before I go, one last trick for when it gets icy. This secret weapon changed my life.

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