Scottish Terrier News Golden Globes Edition

Paul and Laurie Feig's Linus and Mary
Linus and Mary (both rescues)  behave like cats and interrupt the packing.

Linus and Mary belong to Laurie and Paul Feig. Paul is the creator of Freaks and Geeks and director of Bridesmaids, and Laurie is a producer too so these Scotties are Hollywood royalty.

Paul Feig with portraits of Linus the Scottish Terrier
Favourite son

Not only do they sleep on some great looking jackets, they get to have their photos taken for the Feigs’ New York apartment where the focal point is Frank Bruynbroek’s double portrait of Linus. “We have another dog, Mary,” Feig told New York magazine, “but she photographs like an old prospector, so she didn’t get the big wall.”

In other words, she failed her screen test. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News hopes that doesn’t mean Mary will be excluded from any Golden Globes celebrations. We wouldn’t want to have to call the Humane Society.

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