Scottie dog Monopoly token could use cat companion

Monopoly token
Wait, wasn’t the Scottie supposed to be replaced with a Labradoodle? What happened, Hasbro?

Colour the Scottie News confused. Way back in 2006, Hasbro was reported to have made a wrong-headed move, supposedly in keeping with the times, and replaced its Scottie Dog Monopoly token with a Labradoodle.

As far as we can tell, however, that never actually happened. The Scottie Dog got an unpublicized reprieve and stuck around to see Hasbro try to change its Monopoly tokens once again.

Until February 5, the public can vote on which token Hasbro absolutely must keep and which new token it should introduce. So far, the Scottie is well ahead of the pack with its future as a game token pretty much guaranteed.

Monopoly Token Vote
Does anyone really find these results surprising?

Unless there’s a last minute surge of iron supporters, that means Scottie News readers can focus on what the new token should be. Let’s shake things up and vote for the cat.

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