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by AnnB on February 1, 2013 · 13 comments

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Sherine left a comment about her pup’s foot biting, a problem we’ve tackled before:

I have a 7-month old female Scottie called Eshta. She is very loving and playful but she has not outgrown the habit of biting feet. I have tried everything, including the squirt bottle but it is not getting better. She will obey me when I use a stern voice but guests do not have a hope in hell. It is no longer cute as her teeth hurt and the more a guest will shout at her the more excited she gets and the more she snaps and wants to bite. I know this is playful aggression but it is a real nuisance with guests, especially as we tend to have stay-over guests who need to be able to control her without me being around. Any advice? I adore Eshta. She has learned to sit, stay, come and she even rings the bell when she needs to go out. But I cannot teach her to ‘leave it’ (our feet, that is). I worry that this will only get worse.

Caitlin also left a comment a while back:

My male scottish terrier is almost 3 years old. He won’t stop attacking our cats and dogs outside of our home. He is a loving dog to all humans, but small dogs or cats he looks at like toys. Do you know any methods I could use to stop the attacking? I do not have the money for training right now, so I have to do it myself.

Scottie News replied:

Hmm, can you provide some more details? How long has he lived with the other pets? Has he always been like this? What do you mean by attack? how do the other animals respond?

Caitlin responded:

He has lived with one other dog for the whole 3 years. We have had 4 cats, and he is constantly trying to fight with them. If the cat didnt get away and we didnt stop him, I believe he would have killed the cat. He tries to bite them and shake them, as if it is a rodent. He has been like this since he turned one years old. The other animals are so afraid of him and they try to get away.

He is honestly a sweetheart. The most loving dog I could ask for. This is why I am so confused, because he is on attack mode with the other animals.

Susan wrote last weekend about her dog, Gus:

Could you post a request for a little prayer for my oldest scottie Gus. We had to rush him to the hospital this morning. We thought he had a stroke. He was screaming in pain and couldn’t walk. They gave him pain killers and muscle relaxers and still couldn’t get him out of pain enough to do an x ray by this afternoon. My vet is keeping for the weekend for observation. They think a disc in his neck may be pressing on a nerve. He was playing like a pup last night with Barkley and Maizie, his much younger housemates. His sister Gracie misses him terribly!

Thankfully, he was doing better this week. Let’s all hope he continues to make progress:

He’s doing better! He still walks in circles, but the pain is not as bad. There is a light a the end of the tunnel.

Please, everyone, feel free to contribute your thoughts and best wishes.

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