You knew it was coming: Scottie version of Harlem Shake

by AnnB on March 3, 2013 · 0 comments

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Both of these are clone videos:

As you can see Edgar the Scottish Terrier, who often appears in the AlexInLife videos, doesn’t do any shaking. He’s just an observer.

The terrier clones below, however, get into the groove:

Two weeks back, reader Laura — also known as CBMum — sent this email:


Not Scotties, but I found this today & now I would love to do a Scottie edition of this!!

What if we asked readers to send short videos of their Scotties going crazy to the camera & I could edit them together…? 😀

I love it.

RIP Gangnam Style as they say …you will not be missed!

Will pledge for the book, by the way. :)

Ah yes, the book.

I am sad to report we have so far raised a measly $20.

Now that is probably mostly my fault since I have not been promoting the project as much as I should, so be warned, we will now be hearing about this book a lot given that there are only 18 more fundraising days left.

Let me start by giving you a concrete example of the type of information the book will provide. Consider please that the Scottie News gets a lot of visitors who arrive at the site after seeking out articles on terrier skin allergies. We have several valuable posts on this topic, but you do have to hop around from one to the other and read multiple sets of comments to get all the info.

Also, there’s a post on an itchy Westie veterinary seminar, but the promised slides from it never arrived. This is because I never followed it up due to lack of time and need to earn a living. If the book project goes ahead, the funding will enable me to take the time to seek out this information and bring it all together in one convenient format.

So please  CLICK HERE and pre-order your book. Remember if we don’t meet our goal, your pledge is returned in full so there are absolutely no strings attached.

And if you want to contribute to a Scottie Harlem Shake video, please leave a comment for Laura here.


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