Douxo products help itchy dogs: Reader testimonial

Douxo medicated pads can help itchy dogs
More than 90 amazon reviewers give these pads a rating between four and five stars

If you have a dog who suffers from itchiness, you know that it’s not just excruciating for the dog but for you as well. That’s why I took note when a reader made a long comment a month ago that recommended Douxo products. I’m reproducing it here and I’ve added links to the Amazon products mentioned by Laurie. Otherwise it’s exactly how she wrote it.

Douxo products were a godsend for our Scottie Duncan, who came into rescue with terrible, untreated skin issues that had progressed to blackened elephant skin on his legs. He was miserable–always biting at himself, open sores: the worst case of untreated allergies his veterinary allergist said she had ever seen.

She began Duncan on allergen shots after a Rast (skin prick) test: don’t let anyone talk you into the blood test, which does not work for most (any?) dogs. The injections definitely did help Duncan; eventually he had one shot a month.

The Douxo products in conjunction with the shots, though, pushed his healing to a new level. We used the pads (available at Douxo Chlorhexidine 3% PS Pads) for small areas and ears, and also the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on (available in a large and pricey box at Amazon, but in a smaller, more affordable box of 5 at, in combination with various medicated shampoos.

I did not think the other Douxo products (shampoo, spray, etc.) worked well for Duncan. These two products we used help the skin rebuild its protective layer, which makes the skin less susceptible to bacteria, yeast, and fungus. Duncan also eventually got cold laser treatments once his allergies were under control, to help heal his terribly damaged skin. It eventually became totally smooth (no more huge wrinkles), white, and in most places most of his hair grew back, too.

The best thing: he no longer scratched and bit at himself, and we didn’t have to use either prednisone or Atopica/cyclosporine, both of which carry significant health risks (prednisone can lead to Cushing’s, which is not unusual in Scotties anyway; Atopica/cyclosporine is an immune suppressant, which is how it works to stop allergies, but this also can leave your Scottie more susceptible to many cancers).

I hope this helps someone! I’ve had four different Scots with allergies. We do use a holistic vet for light allergy problems–currently one of our Scots has mild seasonal allergies, and she gets a glycerite elixir of Passion Flower, Linden, and Nettles. Dried Nettle Leaf (NOT root, which is for a whole different condition!) in powder form (the “cut and sifted” is not fine enough–get the powder) really helps for itchies (works better in my estimation than antihistamines and with no bad side effects). Nettles are also generally very nutritional and our Scots happily eat the powder sprinkled on/mixed into their food. Buy organic in bulk for best product at the best price: you can usually find Frontier Nettle Leaf Powder Organic on; you can also get it on Frontier Herb’s own website. An eighth to a quarter teaspoon twice a day should help with itchies. I’ve used it for years (have had 8 Scotties in my life) with no ill effects.

Hope this info helps someone–Scotties are the best!

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  1. Ann, please go to the YouTube website and type “Skin Infections and Your Dog”. The video was posted by veterinarian Dr Karen Becker. In a nutshell: Get 10% povidone iodine, dilute it with water so it is the color of tea, and apply on skin. Of course, cut hair down so you can keep the area clean and dry. My Scott had scaly, reddish, itchy skin on his lower back and tail, and this cleared it up. I wish I had “before” and “after” pictures…

    I also try to make my dog food from scratch. Meat, potatoes, carrots, mustard greens, celery, ketchup (tomatoes are too expensive), a few garlic cloves, bullion cube, cilantro, and a runner-up vitamin. Grain-free high protein dry food on days I find that I’m out of the home-made. I also put a few drops of lemon juice in his water, in case there is a doggie equivalent to scurvy. Oh, raw liver once a week is good for the skin.

    I hope Bridgette has been cured of her skin problems! Please let us know! Take care, B

  2. I have two Scottie’s one is nine years old male the other one is a rescue going to be five in Sept. They both have an itching problem. I had them on Beneful which didn’t work. Then I changed them to new balance with sweet potatoes salmon salmon meal canola oil vitamin e sulement and other vitamins. I did go on a websit for Scottie’s and that’s what it said. It seem to help alittle but there still itching and the food is not cheap. They get trimmed every two months and a bath twice a month. The shampoo I use oatmeal’n baking soda ( fresh’n clean).. They also get fish oil, and green beans carrots ,apples banana’ , allergies pill’s .

  3. My almost 3 year old Scottie Fiona, eats a natural diet of cooked chicken, carrots, green beans and rice and has no allergy or skin problems whatsoever. I get her groomed about every 6-8 weeks. I hope this helps!

    Susie in Colorado

  4. our Scottie is 6 and she started itching and had dandruff like stuff coming off her back.. And after we got her groomed she had a whole bunch of round sores on her!! I thought ring worms but they weren’t…. I was so upset because I felt so bad for our baby girl. I took her to the vet and he said she had a skin infection and put her on antibiotics. While she was on the antibiotics the sores would go away but as soon as she was off them they would come back. We went through 4 rounds of antibiotics and the vet said he wanted to do a blood test and check her thyroid!! I said ok. Her thyroid came back very low!!! Oh I never mentioned she is also overweight and sleeps all day. He put her on thyroid meds and she is back to herself again. She plays she has that spark in her eyes!! I am so thankful for my vet!

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