A Scottish Terrier News Presidential Bulletin

The opening of the George W. Bush presidential library last week has caused a spike in news about the late first Scottie, Barney.

First off, there are some new photos of which the Scottish Terrier and Dog News especially likes the one of the Prez and Barney out fishing in Texas.

George W. Bush fishing with Barney
Uh oh, no lifejacket. Guess Texans don’t do that.

A portrait of Miss Beazley was also unveiled. Scottie News like its abstract qualities and finds it a little less sentimental than Bush’s Barney painting.

Scottish Terrier by George W. Bush

In other Scottie presidential news, NBC reports that “comedian Bob Hope used to tell an anecdote about Franklin D. Roosevelt housetraining his Scottish terrier, Fala, on the Chicago Tribune. It was a reference to Roosevelt’s greatest hater, Tribune publisher Robert R. McCormick, an orotund aristocrat who considered the New Deal indistinguishable from Communism.” Never heard that one before nor had I heard that Fala got a bone for breakfast every morning.

It’s a good life being a president’s dog.

4 thoughts on “A Scottish Terrier News Presidential Bulletin

  1. I have a question & am not sure this is the place to post it. We have had Scotties for over 30 years & love the breed. We currently have 3 & are getting another one later in the summer. My question is, has anyone found the males to be more loving than the females? That has kind of been my experience. We’ve had 3 females & they have all been a little aloof. Trying to decide on whether to get another male or take a chance on another female.

  2. We are on our third Scottie, Jack…he is very sweet and playful.and is not a ” huggy guy at all. He loves to be petted, for a short time but no holding at all.

  3. Have had Scotties or Westies since I was 10 (which was decades ago!!)–all my Scotties have been male, all have been affectionate. Tabasco was not a lap dog but very affectionate other ways, often sitting or laying on my feet, even learned to say “Love you”. Quincy is a total snuggler, loves to be on a lap. With my Westies, the girls did seem to be a bit less cuddly than the boys, but it probably just maybe depends on who picks you!

  4. I know that I’m totally late to the game here, but I seriously love that painting of Beasley.

    As for male vs females Scottish terries: my mom’s scottie is very affectionate towards her. Towards the rest of us… not as much, but still very loving. Our first dog was a male Scottie, and I think that he was much the same way but only with my dad instead of my mom. But aren’t scotties supposed to be a bit aloof?

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