A tribute to Taffy, the middle dog

Last July, the Scottie News published a tribute to Teresa and family’s beloved Tallulah.

Sadly, Teresa — who said that “some of the remarks we received on that tribute really warmed my heart” — has lost another cherished dog in March. She writes:

Last week, we lost the second of our three girls, Taffy. She was 15.5 and really slowing down, but the end was very sudden. After she suffered two grand mal seizures in three hours, our wonderful vet met us in his office in the middle of the night to help Taffy over the bridge.

She was the dowager queen of our household, the rescue who came from a puppy mill to enrich our lives. I think of her as the embodiment of love and patience overcoming the worst start possible to a life. From the day we met her, she melted into our touch. She was a “leaner,” as if she could not have enough human contact, and the only one of our three with a true Scottie “a-rooooo.”

She’s in the middle of the picture above just as she plopped herself in the middle of our lives and hearts. Our blondies are gone and missed so very much. We are blessed that our Ruby-girl, at 12, is in great health, and praying it stays that way for a long time.

RIP, Taffy.

4 thoughts on “A tribute to Taffy, the middle dog

  1. It is still difficult for me even a month and a half later recognizing that Taffy left us so quickly. While all three of our scotties were “the girlies”, Taffy was “my” girl; she knew it and I knew it. Four years ago, while transitioning from Atlanta to Virginia, Teresa didn’t want me to be alone in Virginia, so Taffy became my travel companion and my link to Teresa, Tally and Ruby. I miss her like Teresa misses “her girl” Tally and now Ruby is “our girl” and the link to her sissies.

    Ruby still looks for her sisters and it’s just heartbreaking for us, but she is healthy and we’ll make sure that she is happy.

    A westie and four scotties have graced our lives. It’s hard to believe that we are a one dog house for the first time in 24 years and it seems eerily strange.

    Bill Irish

  2. Sadly, we also lost our Gracee last week, age 11 1/2. She was a rescue who wasn’t supposed to live past age 8 due to her medical issues so she was on borrowed time. I miss her so much. I had just updated my Gracee themed knitting blog. Interesting that both our Scotties lived to be 11 1/2.

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