Alligator almost eats Scottie dog for breakfast

Giant alligator takes over porch
Notice the Scottie sculpture next to the pillar

ABC reports:

Diana Andrews opened the front door of the Hilton Head Island home she shares with her husband, Arthur, around 5:30 a.m. Saturday to take the couple’s Scottish Terrier for a walk. Instead, she found herself face-to-snout with an alligator.

“I was in bed and heard her open the door and then scream and then heard the door slam,” Arthur Andrews told “I went running out and looked outside.”

“The dog couldn’t have been two feet from the gator’s mouth when my wife grabbed him by his tail and pulled him back into the house, so she had to get that close too,” he said.

This story reminds the Scottie News of a Westie Wednesday almost two years ago when an older gentleman staged a daring rescue and saved his Westie from the jaws of a vicious alligator.

2 thoughts on “Alligator almost eats Scottie dog for breakfast

  1. Wow, If that dog is anything like my once and former doggy, Skip (*sniff*) he’d not hesitated to go for the gator. The dumbarton diehards are fearless, even when they really should be. That’s some crazy stuff, as Johnny Carson used to say.

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