Scottish Terrier Health Network

Scottie News would like to give a plug to the Scottish Terrier Health Network, source of much valuable information. Here’s part of an especially touching post:

On Saturday we all went to Clumber Park. You may have noticed a post with pictures. What I didn’t mention was that whilst passing by a young couple with a very large dog (Leonberger type) she very loudly muttered “ridiculous”. I very nearly stopped and challenged her. When she sees a human being, being pushed, carried, wheeled or helped, does she think “oh my, how sad” or think “I feel so sorry for them” or, “I trust there’s hope for that person” or would she automatically think without any understanding of why that human is in that condition loudly mutter “ridiculous”.

So, why do you think she should mutter “ridiculous” when walking past me with my scottie in a stroller. She knows nothing about why he’s having to be pushed. She’s brave enough to mutter “ridiculous” but not humane enough to ask why.

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One thought on “Scottish Terrier Health Network

  1. There’s nothing ridiculous about compassionate care for those we love. And that, my friends, includes dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, fish…ALL companion animals. If my peep had been there with you, She’d have helped explain this to ANYBODY rude enough to make a comment like that.

    ArOOOOO, Stuart

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