Hottie Scottie Guys: More Humphrey Bogart

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has discovered new photos of young Humphrey Bogart with Scotties, just another little something to be thankful for.

Humphrey Bogart with a Scottish Terrier
Here’s looking at you, Scottie News readers
Humphrey Bogart plays chess with Scottish Terriers
Make your move in the comments section. Tell us what these Scotties are thinking

Scottie News is also very thankful that Bogie put away the guns.

Enjoy your turkey, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Hottie Scottie Guys: More Humphrey Bogart

  1. A man was walking in the park when he came upon another man playing chess with his dog. He declared, ” Geez, that’s a smart dog you have!” To which the dog owner replied, ” Not really, I am ahead three games to one.

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