Pet detective locates Scottish Terrier who fled car accident

Wheaten Scottish Terrier Doogie with his late sister Elly Mae.57 PM
Bittersweet: Doogie the Wheaten Scottie survived a bad car accident, but his sister didn’t. RIP, Elly Mae.

Doogie, a wheaten Scottish Terrier, went missing on September 27 after he, his Scottie sister and his humans were in a bad car accident. Sadly Elly Mae the Scottish Terrier did not make it, but Doogie’s peeps — Sam and Linda Davis — both recovered well and set about locating their missing dog:

Through social media, an extensive search began to locate the fluffy four-footed accident survivor.

“Thousands of people from all over the United States and some in Australia aided in the search for Doogie,” Linda Davis said.

A fundraiser was held for Doogie that raised $25,000 that paid for a pet detective who retraced Doogie’s steps from the accident scene.

After 23 days of searching by many rescue groups and volunteers, Doogie was finally located on Oct. 20.
It turns out the little white dog had been found by two farmers, Becton and Ross Bell, who live near the accident scene.

RIP, Elly Mae.
Missing Scottish Terrier is located

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