An update on Miss Beazley from Laura Bush

Scottish Terrier by George W. Bush
The late, great Barney Bush by the ex-Prez. RIP, Barney. We miss you at the Scottie News.

Laura Bush recently updated the public on the Bush family pets:

She said Miss Beazley, a 9-year-old Scottish terrier is doing well. And she said that Bob the Cat, who was found at the Bushes’ ranch in Crawford, is taking to well to his new accommodations in Dallas.

Bush joked that her husband likes to tell people that Bob the Cat went from eating wild rabbit one day to “lying on our bed smoking cigarettes” the next.

The Scottie News sure misses the days when there were Scottish Terriers in the White House, providing us with a regular source of news. Here are the Barney and Miss Beazley archives should you feel nostalgic too.

No offence intended to First Dogs Bo and Sunny, but Porties aen’t Scotties. Read more about the lonely of the current White House dogs.

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  1. Awww, I wondered how Miss Beazley was doing after the sad news about Barney. Well…yeah… I miss the Scotties from those days.. 😉

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