Cheers everyone, here’s to Scottie nostalgia!

Christmas picture of scottish terrier and west highland picture whiskey 1964
Is it just me or is it hard to imagine the Mad Men-esque couple pictured in this 1964 ad actually taking their Scottie and Westie dogs for a walk? They likely have a devoted housekeeper and gardener, a married couple, who hang with the dogs and take care of their daily needs.

Oh dear, now it looks like the couple were drinking and driving in a previous decade. How else to explain the open top in the middle of winter? Or perhaps it’s not even the same couple. While the woman could have updated her hairstyle, the car seems a bit too old fashioned for the fifties. What do you all think?

3 thoughts on “Cheers everyone, here’s to Scottie nostalgia!

  1. I have a large collection of Black & White Scotch ads. This was the start of a large Scottie/Westie collection. At the time I started we had 2 Scotties, Alfie and Maggie, the first ones for us. Then we acquired two Westies, Duffy and Angel. That was a long time ago and I now have Archie and Ollie, the Scottie boys. I love Scotties. Hope you can save the newsletter.

  2. I think the car looks like an MG T series; they were being made into the 1950s so could be! The artist looks like “Mac”. :) (which I think was Lucy Dawson??)

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