Totally adorable Scottie puppy videos

Grab your coffee, take a seat and enjoy 10 solid minutes of incredible Scottish Terrier puppy cuteness.

The first video is brought to you by agility champ Hitchcock‘s peeps. The Scottie News is not sure how everyone’s related, but we can tell you that Hitch himself makes a cameo. Look for him in a blue harness.

The moms are Olivia and Greta, and the pups are six weeks old from

Mattie’s Scottish Terrier Puppies are 10 weeks old. And  the video below shows part of their  last week with Mom before heading off to their new homes. “It was a wonderful adventure for all of us,” writes videographer Esmerelda. “We will always love you Bosun, Morgan and Ruby!” Scottie News too.

2 thoughts on “Totally adorable Scottie puppy videos

  1. I love Happy feet! Beautiful Puppies! Hope they are happy in their new homes and are not getting in trouble for shoe chewing!

  2. Thanks for the splendidly entertaining videos. I am contemplating getting a
    little Scottie pup. I had one when I was a child, and I long for one again.
    These videos definitely encourage me to go ahead and get one!

    Elizabeth B.

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