Westie Wednesday: Mating with a Rottweiler

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We interrupt regular Scottie News programming to bring you this Westie Wednesday special bulletin

Apparently when a West Highland Terrier impregnates a Rottweiler, it’s big enough news to bring out the BBC. Here’s part of the Beeb’s report:

Westie Joey was introduced to Zara, who is more than twice his size, weeks after being adopted by the family in North Grimston, North Yorkshire.

Zara gave birth to 11 cross-bred puppies – called Wotties.

They are thought to be the first of their kind.

Joey came to live with them in May and owner Teresa Patterson didn’t think it was possible for the two dogs to mate because of the differences in their sizes.

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Update: A number of readers have asked the Scottie News to clarify its position on this mating so here we go…

We are not in any way endorsing mating Rottweilers with Westies or any other kind of irresponsible dog breeding, and it never occurred to us that anyone would think this was a practice to emulate. 

No, no, no!!!

We endorse neutering and spaying dogs unless they will be bred responsibly. That is all.

4 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday: Mating with a Rottweiler

  1. The owner didn’t think they would be able to breed because of the difference in their size? Um . . there really should be a basic intelligence / common sense test given to people before they are permitted to own pets.

  2. LOL Amen, Monica “love will find a way” … surely if both were rescued dogs they should have been spayed/neutered anyway..

    Having said that those Wotties are CUTE. I normally don’t really approve of “designer dogs” but ….DAwwwwww. They look like giant, beefier Scotties.

    1. No, I didn’t take the actual comments here on the post as criticism of me/Scottie News. I received some emails.

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