Funding fails but readers’ dogs are total winners

Unfortunately, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News did not succeed in meeting its Kickstarter funding goal so there will only be sporadic Scottie News in 2014. In honour of those who pledged to fund the project, here are just some of their wonderful dogs.

Sindee of Shady Nook Scottie Farm writes: “It’s NOT a magic trick, and that’s no bunny in the hat… It’s a SCOTTIE !!!”


Here are handsome Harry and lovely Lola from the eponymously named book series:


Susan’s four Scotties are Gus, Gracie, Barkley and Maizie.


Susan writes: “I have a whole wall of portraits of all my dogs. Some were painted by my Dad, a fairly well known artist. John McClelland.” Scottie News is in awe.


Calysta (10 months) and Ozzy (2.5 yrs) exploring the snow in Long Island where they live with their peeps, Julie and Ron.


Suzanne writes: “Rory is the little one. McDivot is the bigger scottie. He was rescued. Was found dumped at a golf course.” Scottie News writes: “Well, I suppose if you have to be dumped, a golf course or country club is probably about the best drop-off you could get under the very terrible circumstances.”

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Joe’s beloved Tilda at her favorite place, Lowman Beach, Seattle WA.

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Below are Bronwyn’s two rescues, Lennon and McCartney. Sadly, both of them died last year but they will always remain in her heart. She hopes to adopt another rescue this year … if she can convince her husband.

McCartney, a silver brindle, is shown at a 2011 Blessing of the Animals. “He was a saintly low-key Scottie who loved everyone,” writes Bronwyn. “He was rescued in Jan. 2006 from the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta, Ga. and died at the ripe old age of 14 of renal failure.”

Wheaten “Lennon was my happy, sassy girl. Gorgeous and personal, Lennon charmed everyone she met. She was from the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast. She died of liver disease at the age of 4.”




RIP, Scotties Lennon and McCartney. You made beautiful music together.

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  1. I could look at scotty pics endlessly, ready for a new tarheel, Bonnie has been gone for 3 yrs now, after 14 yrs. These pics show so well the impossibly amazing dogs, i need to b owned by another one!

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