Downward Dog: Scottish Terriers Refuse to Walk

What is it about Scotties that they know how to maneuver their little bodies in the opposite direction from which we want to go making themselves as immovable as a cinder block?

Upon entering the park today, I started to walk in the normal direction we take. Abby decided that today she wanted to go the other way. There we were, a taut leash between two stubborn females. I tugged on the leash to let Abby know that we were going to go in the direction we always go.

Abby responded to my tug with moving her body fully in the opposite direction. This was done by spinning herself around by moving her back feet quickly in a 180 degree spin. It was like watching a 18-wheeler where the back end moves but front end does not. But she was not done. She then crouched down and made her body a complete dead weight. This maneuver makes it very difficult to move her.

I tried bribery, a stern “Let’s go” and finally “Let’s go find Beau”. As we stayed at this impasse, other owners walked by with their dogs. They gave us an amused look. I felt their sympathy. They knew that what stood before them was not the alpha dog in the relationship. The alpha was laying on the ground burrowing herself into the snow.

I don’t know of any other breed that knows how to do this. It must be passed down from Scottie generation to Scottie generation.

We had a lovely walk though. The new direction was kinda nice. I might get used to it.

Abby being curious
Abby being curious

8 thoughts on “Downward Dog: Scottish Terriers Refuse to Walk

  1. My Lacie is especially adept at this same manuever. She does this when she detects that we are heading back toward the camper.

  2. I have so enjoyed the postby SandraF. They give wonderful insight into the Scottie world and why we love the breed so much. Please keep them coming.

  3. Yep that is a Scottish Terrier for you.I have been owned by them for 30 plus years.We love them I can’t imagine a world without them.Our newest pup MacTavish is a joy.

  4. I really need some help. Bleu, who turned 3 on Mother’s Day, is still urinating all over the house. He pees on flowerpots, carpet, legs of tables and chairs, and anything he can potentially lift his leg on. He is out constantly and we do walk him frequently but can’t seem to eliminate this annoying behavior. We’ve resorted to putting a “belly band” on him when he’s in the house. Do we need to resort to crate training all over again?

  5. Try using small treats when she will follow you. Small treats are used in obedience at first, and with agility training as well. Hopefully when practicing following in another direction, he will get it, and you can remove the treats. Right now you are allowing the dog to make you follow him. You must support and maintain your alpha position. He follows you, not the other way around. You have to stand firm on this. Anytime you let him control, you are losing some of your rightful place as the leader of the pack. Also the heel command is exactly for this purpose. Practice, practice, practice!

  6. Kathryn, he might have a uti. Try cranberry supplements or herbal remedies before taking him to a vet. You can also get utility test strips from the corner drugstore if you want to save a trip to the vet.

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