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Hi everyone,

The greatest benefit to writing this blog is receiving your comments sharing information about your Scotties. I love hearing about your dogs and your experiences.

Cindy wrote to the Scottish Terrier News that she was interested in getting a Scottie. She was a Cocker Spaniel Breeder but now wanted a little Scottie.

I wanted to share with you pictures of her new addition. His name is Angus.

Cindy is looking for any tips for house training this little guy.

My tip was to use pee pads by the door that is going to be used to take the dog out. Once the puppy runs to the pee pad by the door, I just take them out. They get used to outside and I eventually remove the pee pad. Abby took to this right away and was house trained pretty quickly.

Please share any tips and tricks with us that you found in training your dogs.

Hi, I'm Angus
Hi, I’m Cindy’s Angus
What a cutie!
What a cutie!
That Scottie Face
That Scottie Face

15 thoughts on “Your Scottie Dogs

  1. Oh, he is a cutie! I love Scottie puppies. I also used a pee pad by the door for my little Scottie girl Pippen. It helped a lot – plus was much easier since we lived in a second floor apartment at the time.

  2. We always just pick them up as soon as they woke up and carried them out, they won’t pee on you when you carry them.

  3. He’s so cute. Want another scottie puppy. The scotties trained the peeps to take them outside after eating and sleeping.

  4. Oh my dawgness! How cuuuuuute!

    When I was a wee lad, the peeps took me out like clockwork: after napping, after eating and before bed. Lots and lots of praise every time I pooped or peed.

    Working like a charm! In fact, I still get poop treats and I’m 8!

    Hey, don’t forget obedience school either. A great tool.

    Your Pal, Stuart

  5. We rescued Calysta at four months old. Used wee wee pads for a few months; suddenly I noticed that she just like to chew up the pad. She was smart enough to ‘train me’ that the pad was no longer needed – she was a smart little girl and knew that she should go outside! Now she is a year old and is able to go long period of time without having mommy take her out for a pee run. LOL

  6. I have 4 scotties, all of them are Males, and from the same breeder. they range in age 4,3,2,1,. I got them all at 2 or 3 months. My youngest one, I tried the pee pee pad/ fake grass tray, by the door I always let them out of. He learned much faster than the other 3. I eventualy took it away, no problems.
    By the way your new puppy is adorable, looks alot like my youngest dog, herbert.
    Good luck !.

  7. aaawwwwww…(as they say in Scotland)

    Your puppy Angus is so adorable and just like my Scott when he was a wee boy. When Scott wee’d I would scold him, put his enormous head next to the wee showing him what he had done and then carry him outside onto the grass. I had to be strict because my last Scottie called Jock used to wee in the house – a lot! Scott’s wee’s used to wake him up and he would jump up with a spurt (literally) and head for the door. I did have pee pads with grass on it in the early stages. So all of this and lots of praise and cuddles seemed to work a treat.

    Even now he is four, he can be lazy but as soon as I pick him up and put him on the grass, he automatically does a wee 🙂

  8. We practiced the leash method. Our scottie, Lulu, was always on a leash until she was house broken. We just kept her by our side. It also helped to reinforce that we were the alpha. Scottie love to try to be the alpha! It did not take long to house break her. Every time she went out and had success we gave her treat and lots of praise.

  9. Cute Scottie but I hate to see them in clothes like little toys. They are proud dignified dogs and it seems a shame to dress them up in this way like little humans, they are dogs and beautiful just being doggy. Just my own opinion. Toilet training, I just showed mine their wee or poo and said no but praised them profusrly when they went outside. They learned very quickly.

    1. My Scottie, Elvis, will be 3 in August and he did not like the pee pads. He tore them up! We figured out when he needed to pee and poo after he ate and we took him out for a walk. Yeah…. there was a lot of hits and misses but he finally got it. When he did his business outside and he was brought back into the house we praised him and he always got treats!!! (Very Important!!! praise and treats) It was not a long time to train him. He now knows when he hears the words…”outside” or “potty” and he hears the crumble of the “poop bag” that it’ time to go outside!

    2. Yeah, I put that on him because it was so cold outside, I didn’t want him to get sick from being outside, so, more to protect him, but I have to say, I don’t mind some of the costumes that people put their dogs in… I know my spaniels loved it.

      1. Spaniels are different altogether and are more lap dogs and will tolerate being dressed up.. Scotties are such a proud breed and totally different. Dont worry about him getting cold either, they are super hardy. They were bred to withstand the harsh weather and terrain in the Scottish highlands and were also bred to hunt badgers. They are tough little things and definitely not toy dogs. They command and deserve our respect to be treated as the fine animals that they are. My husband is a Scottie too, born and bred in Scotland. UK.

  10. I must agree with Karen re dogs in clothes especially Scotties. My dogs would not even wear waterproof coats in the Winter, being such tough guys , coats are for the *carried about* sort of creature. Also surely you should never scold your dog when it pees or poos, would you do this with a child. With kindness is how a creature is trained. my last two were house trained at eight weeks and were never scolded or made to feel bad .

  11. Cindy , Angus is adorable. I recently got a Scottie puppy after I lost my 2 older Scottie’s with in 4 months this winter. I forgot how frustrating potty training can be. The system I used for my other Scottie’s did not work for my Harry. First, no pee pads, as a previous commenter stated, take him out after nap, eating,playing and when he comes out of his kennel. I recommend a large wire kennel just to keep him safe when you can’t watch him. After 6 months I am confident that Harry will not go in the house. Puppies need to go out often and praise is important. Good luck, consistent training pays off. Patience is a must.

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