The first dramatic Scottie rescue story

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 10.50.51 PM It was naughty Patrick the Scottish Terrier who started the whole chain of events. Read two versions of this dramatic water rescue story: the one from Global (left) and Canoe’s account.

Then continue below to find out  how the Scottie News‘ very own good samaritan saved Bridget from an icy ravine.

4 thoughts on “The first dramatic Scottie rescue story

  1. Glad to see you’re back!! If you think anyone would be interested, I have a little story about our dogs.

    We just lost our little 8 year old scottie (Mary) to a very sudden kidney failure this past Feb. 25th. We were shocked and devastated, but immediately I made some calls to get on a breeder’s list for a new puppy as I’ve always maintained that a new baby is the best way to start to heal one’s broken heart. Miraculously a breeder I know through the Cdn. Scottish Terrier Club (I’ve been a member for about 20 years now), had a litter of 6 puppies – ready to go and although all were already spoken for, because he knows me and he was so sad about my Mary (whom he also knew) – he agreed to let me have the little girl he was planning on keeping for show.

    We got our new puppy four days later, on March 1st!! (named her Marnie) after a dear friend of ours who was VERY involved in the Scottish Terrier World of breeding and showing, who had passed away in 2009. Marnie is a wonderful little pup – full of energy with a mouth full of those piranha teeth! Another miraculous thing about this whole story is my little Jesse (cross between a mini dachsund and a catahoula leopard dog, now about a year old and 14 pounds) whom I found this past October, crawling out of a ditch ‘way out in the country. No one claimed him in spite of over 7000 “shares” we had on our facebook page and of course we kept him!

    Jesse LOVES the new puppy – plays with her for hours and totally “protects” her from anyone else (i.e. our Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Frank and our two cats, Edward and George – who are understandably not so thrilled with those baby “piranha teeth” of hers. We have nicknamed Jesse “the super nanny” – there’s no way we could possibly play with her the way he does. We were (and are) heartbroken by Mary’s loss but our life with new baby Marnie(and her antics with little Jesse) have helped us SO MUCH. We have been blessed to have scotties in our lives for most of our 32 year marriage – our home would not be the same without a scot. Our home with 3 dogs and 2 cats is extremely busy but filled with lots of fun and love.

    1. What a great ending, after something so sad happening. Glad to hear you got a new dog right away, I agree with your thoughts about a new puppy helping one not dwell on the sadness for to long.
      I have 4 Scotties my self.

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