Catching Sight of a Scottie

There is such an joyful feeling when one sees a Scottie. You stop in your tracks, do a double-take and make sure that it is a Scottie. Then you make your way over. You just can’t keep walking, you have to say “Hi”. When you say that you too own a Scottie, a glimmer of understanding passes between you and your new friend.

When walking through the park on Sunday, I saw the glimpse of little black tail. I was thrilled to learn that a new Scottie is in the neighbourhood. He is six months old and is named Fraser. Abby pulled me over to say “Hi”. She gets just as excited as me. Scottie pups always make me think about getting a buddy for Abby. Little Fraser loves to play, has no fear and can wrestle like he is in the WWF. Abby seemed to lose interest in him when she realized that he is wrestler with puppy teeth. It will be interesting to watch little Fraser grow up.

Now, if I can just stop myself from getting another Scottie…

5 thoughts on “Catching Sight of a Scottie

  1. Scotties are not a common breed here in my country (Argentina), so Fiona gets looked at all the time. Very often I get comments like “Oh, the other day I saw one just like this but it was white” (Then comes my explanation about the fact that scotties don’t come in white and what they saw was a Westie), or “Oh my cousin has one of these but the giant one” (there I have to explain that what their cousin has is a Schnauzer), they call her fox terrier, whatever terrier…some say “Oh just like the one from the whisky”…but they all look at her and smile…how could you not smile, they are SOOOO cute!!!!

  2. We have had one scottie at a time, Gussie and Aoife. We got Aoife after Gussie passed away after 15 wonderful years… But when Aoife turned 2, we thought she needed a friend, so we got Conan, a 6 month old, to keep her company. It’s been SO much fun watching those two! They posture like 2 fighting elephant seals, and make such a racket !!:) I predict that we’ll never have just one scottie again!

  3. Hello to everyone!! I love all of your Scotty Dogs and all their stories. When I lived in Tustin CA there was a darling SCottish terrier I would see being walked by the owner. Twice I stopped my car and got out to see the darling dog;;;;:: my 13 year old would hide down in the car,,,. And I was in heaven. Thank you for sharing. therese

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