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I received some feedback on my last blog about the use of extension leashes. I do agree that extension leashes can be very dangerous to dog and human alike. Ask anyone who has received rope burns after getting caught up in the leash. I have used the leashes in the past but no longer. I found they do not provide the necessary amount of control or connection with your dog.

All dog owners decide what tool works with their pet and what doesn’t. I found that for my dogs, I prefer to use an old fashioned leash. But I have met owners who use extension leashes with no issues.

If you do use extension leashes, be aware of the dangers and take precautions.

5 thoughts on “Extension Leashes

  1. Thank you for your newsletter. I agree with you, these leashes are terrible. In addition to being a danger to humans, they provide no discipline for the dogs. I have seen these dogs on these leashes in public places where the dogs are lunging at passerby’s and their pets. If you use this type leash, please do not walk your dog on city streets or in places where children and well mannered pets go for their exercise.

  2. Scotties are so intelligent that they dont need a leash at all! We have trained our two Scotties, Bonnie and Clyde, to walk off leash. They walk beautifully by our side and only run when given the command to. They will even wait to cross the road and will stop and wait again if thrre is an island in thr middle of the road. We dont teach our Scotties any tricks, they just learn simple commands that they need to know such as ‘in’ which means come here to me, ‘stay in’ which means walk by my side, ‘wait’ which is srlf explanatory and ‘go on’ which means thry can run about until you call ‘in’. Everyone comments on how obedient they are. We trained them from 8 weeks old and thry havr never had a collar or a leash.A puppy will stay with you naturally, too scared to go too far so you use that and build on it.

    1. I am so impressed with your Scotties. If I had to get Abby to stay with me on a walk without a leash, I would have to be juggling a live squirrel and a ball.

      1. Lol, they are great dogs, they love chasing squirrels and balls and playing with other dogs but wont go if we say ‘in’. They will also walk right past cats if we command them to stay in. They are happy little souls and know that in between commands they get a whole lot of freedom. They both swim too. Bonnie swims like an otter and we cant keep her out of water, she absolutely loves swimming.. Clyde will swim if you throw a stick in but otherwise he just sits in it. They have a great life.

  3. We have used extension leads for about 12 years–walking three dogs. No problems (unless there’s a cat, then there’s a tangle.) Work well, the dogs love them.

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