Human Down

One afternoon around 5:30pm, Chelsea, Angus and I strolled down the main road in my neighbourhood. It was a beautiful summer day. Unfortunately, as a Scottie owner I forgot the cardinal rule and let myself get too relaxed. I was unprepared for what happened next.

Angus and Chelsea saw a squirrel. Before I could prepare myself, the lines on the extension leashes were whirring like fishing reels as the dogs started to run. I felt like I was on “River Monsters” and wanted to scream “Fish On”.

I struggled to reel the dogs back in as they frantically chased after the squirrel. When they got to the end of the line, the jolt pulled me off balance and my ankle twisted on the edge of the sidewalk. I felt myself falling.

As I laid there, in front of the church on the main street with the homeward bound traffic looking on, I knew this could not get any more embarassing.

But no matter what, I was not letting go of the dogs.

By now, Chelsea knew something was wrong and came back to me barking as if to tell Angus “Human Down, Human Down”. Angus was too focussed on that squirrel to care. He kept pulling trying to get to the squirrel which was now just sitting in the tree daring him to reach him. Angus would get to the end of the leash and my arm would stretch enough to pull him back a bit. It was like a Scottie yo-yo.

Eventually, I was able to sit up and reel in this 30 pounder. After I got Angus under control, I was able to stand back up and dust myself off.

My ankle was sore but my dignity was much worse for the wear. One saving grace was that I did not fall into any dog droppings. That would have just capped the day off.

As I limped back home, I noticed that Angus was strutting like he had gotten that squirrel. The chase was better than the get. Unfortunately for me, the chase was not so much fun. It took awhile for people to stop asking me “Was that you lying on the church lawn?”

We took a different route for the next few weeks. At least until my dignity recovered.

Mr. Innocent
Mr. Innocent

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  1. My Scotty’s name is Mollyjo ,she is very smart and very demanding.Wealso have a westie named heather sue. Love both of them.

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