Why a Scottie?

by SandraF on April 29, 2014 · 13 comments

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When I mention getting another dog, I hear “Don’t get another Scottie” from friends and family alike.

I smile because I know what they consider to be Scottie negative behaviours I consider them the things I love about the breed.

1. “They are so stubborn”

This is always the first comment. I think “Yes, they are stubborn.” But I love that about them. This is a dog that will do everything it can to get its own way. Even trying to use all of its body weight. They can outlast you. The fun is trying to figure out how to win.

2. “They are so independent”

Yes, they are. They do not need to be beside you all the time. Each of my Scotties would go to any room in the house and sleep. The only room they must be beside me in is the kitchen. They are just waiting for a crumb to fall off the cupboard.

Angus was always one to drift off into various parts of a house. When visiting my parents, Angus would disappear around 9pm. We couldn’t figure it out until we found him on the bed in the downstairs bedroom staring at himself in the mirror. In the dark, he looked like a batman silhouette. The only time Angus would insist that you accompany him was to bed. He liked to go to bed at 10pm. If I was working on the computer, he would sit beside and whine. If I ignored him, his whine would get louder and shriller. What he wanted was for me to “tuck” him in. I would have to get up, walk him to bedroom, help him on the bed (which he could easily jump up on any other time) and get him settled. I would then shut the light off and leave him be. I was surprised to find that Abby also loves to be “tucked” in. She likes to go to bed at 11pm.

3. “They are so persistent”

Yep. This is so very true. But I love it. This is a dog that will try everything to get something they want. If their ball rolls under the bookcase or sofa, they will try with all their might to get it. They will use their little legs (which don’t reach past their head) and try to get the ball even though there is no way they can reach it. Once they realize the futility of it all, they will come to you and bark. Their eyes will point to the spot where the ball is. If you don’t react fast enough the bark will get louder. They will keep this up until you respond and get that ball! Unfortunately, this usually occurs when you are really busy or have company.

4. “They have no expression”
This one puzzled me. But I figured it out. The Scotties’ eyes do not go soft and emotive like a lab. In fact, I have heard their eyes described as “stuffed moose” eyes. But they are total terrier eyes. Watchful, waiting, alert. A Scottie owner can read the expressions in their dogs eyes. They know what their dogs are feeling. I see on the web lots of pictures of guilty looking dogs. I have yet to see a guilty looking Scottie.

Scotties are one of the most interesting breeds of dogs. I don’t recommend them for everyone but do recommend them to people who love a challenge. Which I suspect is everyone reading the Scottish Terrier News.

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