A Good Night’s Sleep

Taking a quick nap
Taking a quick nap

Scotties just seem to know how to expand into any space on the bed and take it over completely.

Chelsea liked to sleep under the covers and curl right into your stomach.  God forbid if you moved. She would march right up in your face and give you a look that said “Stay still! I am trying to sleep here.”

Angus liked to sleep with his back right up against your back.  This was like sleeping against a brick wall. Unfortunately, he slept with his bum toward your head so if he farted you were a goner.  He usually moved into this position after you were asleep so you could be totally unaware until the fart hit you.

Angus once jumped on the bed and stepped on a sleeping Chelsea.  She came charging out from under the covers and let him have it.  He did not know what hit him.  After that, he would walk very slowly on the bed and step lightly.

Abby just jumps on the bed and drops where she lands.  Usually this is right on my side of the bed.  I get her to move but it is like moving a teenager. She will move a little bit and look at me with what I imagine is a “What!?! I moved” expression.

It would be easier to not let them on the bed in the first place but well, they enjoy it and so do I.  But the farts…..

4 thoughts on “A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. This is my life! The curling, the brick wall, all of it. My Marcella will politely move, but Amelia won’t budge!

    One day my husband came home from work and said, “I wish I would have taken a picture this morning, Amelia’s hiny was inches from your face”.

  2. Mine start out in the big bed, but I move too much, so they move to the beds on the floor OR clothes on the floor.

  3. My angus is only 5 months old., and I have never put him on the bed, as I am afraid he will fall off. I leave the door opened in his cage, but he prefers to sleep in his cage where he’s nice and cuddly….outside of that, he always lays upside down, with 1/2 his body under the chair, and the other 1/2 outside of the chair… Funniest thing I have ever seen… I have bought him two big dog beds so far, but he won’t sleep in either of them… likes the floor, or on top of towels, or mostly under the chair. I love your photo by the way. I wonder when my Angus will be big enough to jump on the couch.

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