Temper..Temper: Ignore Scottie at Your Own Risk

There they were, Bonnie and Beau, coming back from the park and they were not alone.  They were with ANOTHER DOG.  Not just any dog but Daisy, the poodle upstairs.  As Abby watched their return from her favourite spot on the balcony, she got more and more frustrated.  Why was she sitting here while they went to the park with DAISY!?!  Why was she not there enjoying a good game of catch.  Finally, her frustration all came out.  She barked angrily to the world. “Why Me? Why am I stuck here?”

My mother, who was visiting, rushed to the balcony to tell Abby to be quiet.  Before she could get there, Abby came bounding in. She was practically leaping in the air with each bark (which as you know is no mean feat for a Scottie).

She was mad.  She wanted to go to the park and she wanted to go now.  My mother, having heard enough of the tirade, told Abby, “You just be quiet now!”

Abby stopped, looked at my Mother and then proceeded to walk over to a stack of books on my coffee table and push them all off with her nose.

My mother could not believe it. This was a doggie temper tantrum. She had not seen something like this since I was two.

Abby calmed down after that.  However, she was a little cool to Daisy for going to the park with her boyfriend, Beau, and her good friend, Bonnie.

Get Mad? Me? Never!
Get Mad? Me? Never!


8 thoughts on “Temper..Temper: Ignore Scottie at Your Own Risk

  1. I think many of us who have Scotties can totally believe this!!
    Ask why our lower bookshelves have got xpen fences across them … 😉

  2. My guy would say the same thing, “woo woo woo!!! take me out!!!”. He doesn’t make a mess, he just runs underfoot so i keep tripping on him, until i take him out.

  3. This is a Scottie. I have never seen a more persistent breed. They must be obeyed. Lol
    My Scottie’s will nudge you with their nose for all sorts of reasons. But woe be me if when coming in from outside I forget to give a treat. I also have never seen a breed who understands the spoken word like mine. We have to spell. They go most places wit us, but when we dare say not this time, our Cora Sue jumps backward and huffs off to her bed. Temper tantrums, woo woo and all that and more, amazing.

  4. People don’t understand unless they have Scotties! They are the most stubborn, funny, loyal breed….but don’t ever get on their bad side!!!

  5. Our daughter was away to college for six months, we took our Scottie, Domino, to the airport to pick her up. Domino sat on her lap and wouldn’t look at her for 30 minutes, he was so angry at her for not being there for him.

  6. My Harry pulls the pillow out of his bed. He also looks me in the eye and looks at what he wants. He pulls toys out of his toy box and brings me the one he wants to play with. He is also a barker, very good communicator. I love him.

  7. I told my female Scottie she had to eat her watermelon in the kitchen, not in the livingroom. She gave me a look and stomped into the spare bedroom and didn’t come out for hours. Never ate the watermelon! She also has an empty plastic Mayo jar in her toy box and when she wants your attention she throws the jar at you or at the stove to make as much noise as possible!

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