What’s new at the Scottie News?

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Onward and upward: Bridget of the Scottie News turned eight last month

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying Sandra’s posts about Abby, Angus and Chelsea as much as I have and are looking forward to more to come. She’s told me she’s planning to write about “when good Scotties turn bad.” I can’t wait.

In the meantime, here’s some Scottie entertainment for you. It’s a 40-minute video called Leah and the Real Dog starring writer and producer Leah Epstein as herself, a woman inexplicably enamoured of a statue of a Scottish Terrier. Hamish MacDougal McDuff and Nessarose Epstein, a Scottie and an Australian cattle dog respectively, are  the canine stars. The Hunterdon County Democrat called it “a head-spinning, mirthful film, light on plot and heavy on belly laughs.” Watch it here>>

Or  you can just sit and ogle these uber-adorable Scottie pups who showed up in my Facebook feed.

zomg scottie puppies
I especially love the state of their ears

One more thing, there are lots of great news comments from readers of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. If you head over to the site, you can check them out.

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  1. Where r u at me Bedford VA
    I have a 2 year old Wild Hair Terrier I I have had her sense she was born I’m looking for another Terrier for her to have a playmate she is fixed I like to have a girl but really don’t matter if you need to know more about me and where how I live please let me know I will say this she is very spoiled she sleeps with me she goes where I go I also live on 90 Acres I have a lot of room 4 the pub to run around and play thank you

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