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Hi everyone,

Has anyone dealt with a breeder from South Dakota called Country Side Kennels.  A reader is thinking of purchasing a puppy but would like to find out more information about the breeder.  Please update comments or send us an email if you have had any experience with this breeder.

For anyone looking at purchasing a puppy,please check out Ann’s article on distinguishing great breeders from puppy mills.

Avoiding Puppy Mills



6 thoughts on “Dog Breeder Question

  1. I adopted a Scottish terrier now aged about 5 years from SPCA June 2014. Her previous owners did not socialize her, (kept her on the patio) and, she hates dogs – yells, screams and tries to attack them – (likes cats). Excellent in the home and receptive to instruction but outside she’s so concentrated on dogs, squirrels, food under every blade of grass!
    Her fur was so matted SPCA had to shave it all off. It has grown back beautifully but I heard from another Scottie owner these terriers should not be shaved- they need stripping to avoid skin problems. They have a groomer in Arizona! I’m unable to find any groomer who does stripping in Vancouver. Can you let me know if this statement is true?
    Would really appreciate your advice. Thanks, Brenda

    1. Thanks for letting me know Scottie pets don’t need stripping! Much appreciated. Brenda

  2. Pet groomer here. Stripping is unneeded if your scottie is a pet. It is also pretty hard to find a knowledgable groomer who knows how to strip properly.

  3. I am searching for a Scottish terrier puppy…. I have owned two such great dogs in the past and got spoiled…. no other breed will do… each of my Scotties lived to be 13 years old ! I would appreciate knowing how to get in touch with a good breeder… I like the black puppies. Thank you Karyn Roberts

    1. Hi all,
      Karyn is from Illinois. Please let us know if you can recommend any breeders from that area.


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