Abby’s Paws: Toe Cysts on Dogs

I noticed that Abby was having trouble walking one day. She would trip over her one foot and when we got home she would lick the paw constantly.  I noticed some changes to her paw but it is a struggle to look at them as she is really sensitive.

I took her to vet and found that she has a interdigital furuncles which are basically cysts on her toes.  Right now I am soaking her foot 2-3 times a day in epsom salts.  We go back to the vet next week to see how they are.

Toe cysts can be caused by ingrown hair, a foreign object embedded in the toe, or a skin mite.  I am not sure what caused this but I know that allergies can also be a factor.

Have any of you had this issue with your Scottie?  If so, can you update the comments with your experience and what you recommend for Abby?



3 thoughts on “Abby’s Paws: Toe Cysts on Dogs

  1. My scotties have very itchy paws and I use malaseb shampoo as a foot wash several times a week and they’re fine–but if I miss one, you can tell by their licking/ scratching/ limping. Our vet identified yeast is the primary problem for them and malaseb is specifically targeting that, but, also malaseb is good for any skin condition, which is why our groomer has it as an option in her salon. Consider trying that–I’d bet it would be soothing. I also would wonder if she could have histiocytomas….? Fergus first got them on the pads of his feet and between the toes….had to have surgery….good luck. Poor Abby! Hope she’s better soon!

  2. My Scottie, Angus licks his toes every evening at bed time. Because of his skin allergies I use a special oatmeal shampoo and rinse weekly – but he still licks. One source I found said that the hair on his paws is clipped too closely to his skin – so his groomer and I are very aware of not doing that…but, the licking continues. I will have him checked for the cysts mentioned here – but he doesn’t have problems walking or seem in any pain…in the meantime – Angus has the cleanest toes here in Avila!

  3. We currently have 3 Scotties, and owned another 3 in the past. All of our Scotties have been allergic to chicken, eggs, egg products, and wheat – which is in everything. The don’t seem to react to Spelt, which is an heirloom variety. We make our own dog biscuits using oats, spelt & pumpkin with no itching.
    A simple bite of pizza crust or other foods with any of the above ingredients cause feet licking as well as itching & scratching. Fortunatly it is now easier to find good quality dog food without these allergens – but you have to read labels carefully.

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